Why You Should Have Your Business Registered in Hong Kong

Why You Should Have Your Business Registered in Hong Kong

The business enterprise registration office is basically mixed up in registration of all businesses throughout Hong Kong. The relevant office concerns a Business Registration Certificate that will pertains to the specific location the location where the business will be operated. This specific certificate should always be displayed in your business premises. The Hk Business Registration Certificate is usually valid for one year. Inside specific cases, it can be selected to last for three years.

Rates and fees for the certification is definitely HK $450 per annum. Fees of HK $ 523 per annum is levied for every single additional certification. In the process associated with registering a new company, this specific certificate can be issued right away upon application and succeeding payment of levies and charges. The commissioner of National Revenue has to be notified to be able to effect registration at the Enterprise Registration Office ( BRO).

This pertains to any enterprise that may be subject to profits which can be open to deduction upon institution. This does not imply that the actual income tax liability is identified or exists. All organizations in the City including international companies that have registered twigs in Hong Kong must be signed up. This is applicable as long as your organization is considered Hong Kong business registration. Compliance is predicted within the first month regarding securing a business premises inside the City or even before starting any business operations. While applying to register your business in this particular Asian City you need to in short , describe the particulars of your respective business. You must specify the particular authorized representative in the case of another company.

If your company provides adopted an informal Chinese label, the name may be included in the program. Such company names may well not appear on the certificate involving incorporation or change connected with name certificate. It is not absolutely essential that such names end up being registered. All the specific details registered with the relevant place of work can be inspected publicly. Virtually any changes made to them must be notified to the relevant company within one month. Processing times- It usually takes 30 minutes regarding over-the-counter paper registration. When sent by post it will take 2 days. Companies consider one hour for their online apps to be processed. Paper purposes take four days to get processed.

It is important to have in mind the sort of legal entity you’d like your organization to have. Available options include minimal company, sole proprietor, partners and subsidiaries. Limited company- This is the most popular option. Small , medium-sized firms usually are in this category. All that is required is actually a name, physical address, company assistant, one or more directors, between one particular and fifty shareholders and several capital. There is no fixed bare minimum capital required by law. At the very least HK$10, 000 is sufficient to start out a company in Hong Kong.


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