Which Psychological Treatment Can You Trust?

Which Psychological Treatment Can You Trust?

Psychology is the scientific study of mental states and their processes, with the intention to understand what determines human and animal behavior. In other words, psychology is a science that analyzes the human mind and behavior in comparison to the animal behavior, trying to understand why we behave the way we do. Since they don’t have an internal image of the human brain and its functioning, psychologists can only observe the human behavior from outside, and relate this fact to the characteristics of everyone’s personality and life. After this observation, they make conclusions.

Therefore , mindset is a mysterious science based on observations, comparisons, and theories. This is why there are so many different psychological studies as well as treatments. Every psychologist can make a different study with different findings. If you will compare the work of three known psychologists who marked the beginning of the formation of psychology as a science in our history, you will verify that their studies and conclusions were totally different. Sigmund Freud related everything he could observe in the human mind as well as behavior to hidden sexual desires. Alfred Adler related everything he could observe towards the hidden intentions of the person’s ego. His psychology is based on the inferiority complex.

Carl Jung’s work was more complex. He related everything might observe to the existence of a personal and also collective unconscious. His detailed analysis of the meaning associated with dreams and the importance gave him a better vision of our psychological problems and their solutions. After them, numerous new psychologists developed different theories, based on different studies. Today there are so many clinical psychologists following different methods that you don’t know which method can be trusted.

Statistics and facts reveal that most Psicóloga Porto Alegre treatments never end. They cause dependence to their patients, without solving their problems. This means that these supposed treatments simply give a temporary support to those who have psychological problems. Therefore , if you have emotional and mental health problems, you are probably afraid to make a trip that may never end and that will force you to keep spending money, even though you will never recuperate your psychological energy.


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