Top Uses of Light Therapy

Top Uses of Light Therapy

Mild therapy is based on the principle that one wave lengths of light could affect the living organisms in numerous ways and thus is traditionally used for alleviating pain, alleviating depression and improving epidermis. There are different light treatments treatment procedures available, like LED light therapy, making use of blue and red light source emitting diodes. Under diverse treatments, subjects are exposed to certain wave lengths of light which includes lasers, fluorescent lamps, lighting emitting diodes and vivid lights that emit just about all colors of a spectrum.

Pimples light therapy can destroy bacteria that causes acne, so reducing the pain and difficulties involved in surgical removal of pimples. Light penetrates into the mobile walls of the skin, therefore preventing the bacteria coming from causing further acne. It could treat depression caused by not enough light during the winter season simply by exposing the patients to numerous quantities of light. With this approach, patients come to believe that early spring and summer seasons are usually about to come and thus they will stop taking anti-depressant drugs.

It is used for working to the human body’s circadian beat or sleep rhythm, hence improving the person’s sleeping styles. According to researches, person’s sleep habits are largely dictated by the light and this therapies works by giving them different numbers of light at different days of the day. It not only provides good sleep in night into a person but also alleviates plane lag pains for the recurrent travelers. It is extremely helpful in the treatment of skin diseases, such as meals and psoriasis and is much quicker as compared to shampoos and creams. It is used for people who want a tan without the need to attend a beach, light therapy for skin is given to the person inside safe doses, thus giving bronze to the body of the person minus the effects of over-exposure to damaging rays from the sun.


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