Recipe For Happy Clients In Auto Transport: Quality Customer Service And Professionalism

Recipe For Happy Clients In Auto Transport: Quality Customer Service And Professionalism

While answering the phone you never really know what challenge will be on the other ending. Will it be a logistics difficulty or someone with a moment issue? Will it be on your shoulder muscles to fix the problem or another party’s responsibility? Our company has a couple of divisions at this time. One is the full service dispatch center to get auto transport carriers. The next one is the brokerage with regard to coordinating client auto carries. Today’s challenge was a call from a dispatcher for an vehicle transport carrier who had definitely not done her job effectively. We were not the brokerage nor the dispatch centre involved. What was her challenge and how could we aid?

She had accepted a large quanity (a vehicle) to transport into a small northern California community. Her contract noted the actual pick up and delivery includes as well as the vehicle description along with rate for the load. Just what she did not do has been verify the delivery place, big costly mistake. Much longer the driver had taken care of the vehicle, we are talking days and nights and hundreds of miles; the lady discovered that her driver wasn’t able to get to the customers delivery deal with. In fact , he could not acquire within 200 miles on the customers location. Department regarding Auto Transport laws regarding highway safety. In this case, the duration of the truck and trailers were too long and could not really travel this route.

As being a courtesy, we provided numerous options to help her fix the problem. However , she got accepted a rate that would certainly not cover the cost to deliver for the customer. This left your ex scrambling to find an acceptable option so she could keep your girlfriend driver rolling. Many auto transfer brokers and dispatchers could have blown off her ask for help. They would have shared with her that her problem has not been their problem. They would end up being right. However , there have been periods in the past that carriers have got helped me out with details. After all business in the automotive transport industry is a genuine learning experience every day. Thus today was my use reciprocate, to help a many other carrier in need.

Don’t let what happened to Mr.. Auto Transport Client affect you. Let us address various issues regarding what took place to this customer and the lower than professional service he acquired. We will look at how a loans broker should serve their consumer for quality and specialist customer service. The primary job of your auto transport broker is usually to coordinate the transport with the customer’s car. It may noise simple enough, but there are methods one must follow to do the work right. The first rule should be to never, ever assume something. Remember what the word believe stands for – makes a great “ass” out of “u” in addition to “me”. Questions are the broker’s best friend.


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