This kind of mattress, in general, is made of a variety of memory foam, base foam, and also gel quilting foam and is also about eleven inches solid altogether. More specifically, it is composed of four layers, plus the especially designed cover. The bottom level (the base layer) will be five and a half inches dense and made of high-density polyurethane foam. It is designed to be amazingly supportive as well as breathable (it has special channels included in it that draw in new air).

The next layer way up is made of adaptive hi-core space-age foam. This foam is designed to supply even more support while furthermore giving theĀ Nectar sleep mattress a number of its natural bounce. Another layer (third up from your bottom) consists of gel the memory foam and is designed to help spread weight evenly across the understructure as well as help ease and alleviate tension and pressure. The most notable layer is about an in . thick and is comprised of special quilted gel memory foam. That specially designed memory foam gives gentle comfort while dental contouring to your body and also avoiding you from overheating.

Finally, there are the mattress cover. The particular Tencel cooling cover is constructed of a combination of cotton and tencel (an eco-friendly material created from wood fiber)and is exclusively designed to wick away humidity and heat, to help you keep comfortable while you rest. It may be also incredibly soft, resistance against bed bugs, and promotes air flow. Also, if you need to replace your current Tencel cooling cover for unkown reasons, all you need to do is make contact with the company, and they will send you a fresh one entirely free of charge. The protect is made of Tencel fiber the industry soft and very breathable substance. It sleeps cooler as compared to cotton and helps wick out moisture.


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