My Dubai Desert Safari

My Dubai Desert Safari

Given that beginning of my Lebanon trip I got to hear concerning Desert Safari. Many people close to advised to go for this in weekend. My first a couple weeks (& obviously weekends) travelled in settling down, rooting down project details (naturally that was first priority!! ) and getting used to schedule. Therefore first two weekends I actually spent in Hotel room negotiating down and solidifying typically the project scope, boundaries and also documentation stuff.

We started off our journey after concluding “introduction ceremony” with each other. In the meantime 4 more people became a member of us for tour. Getting first to be picked up I had developed grabbed the front seat inside landcruiser which later became the best place in Safari. Together with front seat you get often the clear big view regarding desert in front of you and the very best chance to shoot video along with good pictures of additional cars in “cafila” also. Also you get an opportunity to control driver easily to know more anywhere required. The landcruiser commenced cruising in Morning desert safari in opposition to immense resistance being produced by softness of sand. Shortly the monstrous machine taken care of high speed with its strength and were riding on wasteland sands up and down, on smaller n big waves, plunging deep from top of the surf and climbing up modest sand hills. It was entirely nice experience along with piece of excitement. The only thing I overlooked was; I couldn’t push the machine myself!

After a great hours time, Arabian type grilled chicken and various meats kebab were served in addition to some Indian veg foodstuff. I was surprised to see the taking over use of Indian food above western and Arabian meal. Even Rajma Rice in addition to Dal was available!! One half an hour’s passed simply by, people were relaxing after meal and Belly Dancer’s appearance was announced and in any flash, even before people would certainly start to understand what’s taking place; the belly dancer appeared on stage wearing vivid red Arabian belly fit and she literally had taken the stage by thunderstorm.


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