Emergency dentist / emergency dentist

Emergency dentist / emergency dentist

Have you suffered from acute toothache, knocked out a tooth or lost a fix? Acute dental problems can come when you least need them. That’s why we at White Dental Care have focused on being able to give you quick help the same day the problem arises. We have emergency times every weekday and do everything possible to treat all patients who need emergency dental care as quickly as possible.

When to look for emergency dental care?

Toothache can cause both sleep and concentration difficulties and one should not wait too long to contact a dentist when the pain occurs. Although there is usually no major danger, toothache is rarely something that disappears, but rather a sign that something is not right in your mouth. Think about when the pain first occurred and why. Is it a constant pain or does it creep up as you eat and chew certain things? All information can make it easier for us akut tandvård dentists. It is important not to cancel the visit even if the toothache goes over, so that the dentist can find the underlying cause of the pain. It is common for toothache to come and go for periods of time. Of course, there are more reasons to seek emergency dental care, so it is important to pay attention.

Examples of this are:

• Extreme teeth whitening
Acute caries attacks can result in the tooth / teeth starting to hibernate properly, followed by extreme pain. The bacterium that caused the caries attack can infect the dental nerve after some time.
• Proper toothache
This may be due to all the aforementioned reasons and some more. Take your toothache seriously.
• Problems with wisdom teeth
If a wisdom tooth grows wrong, you may have fever, headache, swollen gums, pain and difficulty in opening your mouth.
• Accidents or broken teeth
If you have suffered a tooth injury, for example if you have bitten a part of the tooth or suffered an accident when one or more teeth have been damaged, you may have acute toothache. If the tooth has also broken, it can be so bad that the tooth bone, in the worst case, the entire nerve, is exposed.
• Children who knocked out milk teeth
It is important to seek care if this happens to ensure that the permanent teeth that are coming under are not damaged.
• Dropped or loose fillings and crowns
Filling in the tooth is what protects the nerve in a cooked tooth. Releasing this and exposing the nerve can cause the tooth to begin to ice and ache.
• Problems with crowns and implants
When a bridge feels loose, this can be due to the loosening of screws, which is important to treat and correct immediately. Waiting can lead to screw fractures that are not easy to repair. Loose crowns and implants can also depend on other factors, but still important to seek care in this case.

How does an emergency dentist visit?

When you are on an emergency examination with one of our emergency dentists, we focus on the tooth or problem for which the patient is seeking help. We then focus on making a diagnosis, finding the problem and remedying it in the best possible way. Since it is impossible to know how long it may take to correct the patient’s problems, a temporary solution may be needed to alleviate the pain. Then you use another time to correct the problem permanently.

In the evenings and weekends we refer to our on-call dentists.
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We offer emergency examinations from SEK 410 onwards. If you should experience a situation where you need emergency dental care, the costs are usually covered by your own insurance company.


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