Cyber Crime and Cyber Security – A Review of the Past Year

Cyber Crime and Cyber Security – A Review of the Past Year

A glance at how the cyber security surroundings has played out this earlier year, the online community has already established to deal with a great deal of threats in addition to attacks. Perhaps those who have sensed them more have been often the organizations and businesses. Far from these, espionage has viewed the targeting of government sites and other installations of countrywide interest in countries in the Middle Eastern side as well and the American govt.

A review of the past year may point out to the numerous attacks which were aimed on Google powered android os platform. The open source characteristics of the platform has found the exploitation of the characteristic by malware writers who also worked to develop malware attacked apps and these have been removed to the android app industry. Unsuspecting android users have got fallen for the cyber criminal tactic. Mobile security as well as the debate surrounding Clue Internet security and safety will be a factor which is not ignored at all. The events this past year where the android spyware and adware attacks have increased simply by over 600% of the thing that was reported the previous year. All these figures give credibility that android security is needed and you will be a big talking point in next season in a bid to control the malware and strikes seen on the android program.

It has been noted that internet threats are now serious offences and necessary steps as well as measures need to be done to face this challenge. Cyber dangers are no longer just an economic logjam but recent activity shows that cyber threats are getting to be a political, a protection and a national issue. Hacktivism and espionage have been distressing developments that now plague the actual cyber community. Predictions for that coming years outline that will some of these threats will always increase in scale and further trouble the cyber world.

In the current express of the world, the cyber room touches and impacts in about all facets of existence. Cyber security is then the duty of all stakeholders in this industry to work towards defending up against the known threats and functioning towards preventing the more escalation of the cyber criminal offense status. The unfortunate circumstance has been that the attacks are now a a non discriminatory method seen in the fact the cyberspace criminals and their rings tend not to spare anybody.

Cyber problems on individuals, on educational institutions and learning institutions, administration installations, military, businesses and also any other establishment which can be additionally list have been reported. These kind of attacks show the extent that on which cyber crime affects several facets of life and how this specific monster is here to stay even. The particular sad scenario is that the online crime monster is nowhere near getting tamed. There has been a steady within the number of threats identified annually. This means that the cyber safety niche will remain on it is toes to remain abreast of the particular happenings related to cyber criminal offenses. It culminates in the usage of resources financial or otherwise. Actually, the budgets of businesses as well as other organizations continue growing in any bid to keep safe from web criminals.


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