Make Olive Oil Soap – Easy & Quick Steps to Save You Time

Detergent makers who make organic olive oil soap realize that making cleaning is not just any craft or perhaps procedure yet a convenient way of formulating their very own natual skin care product in which they are assured that the ingredients will not go harm to their skin. Essential olive oil soap is not very normal, right? This is one of the reasons exactly why a lot of soap makers offer interest in it. In this method, more and more soap diy would like to help to make soap and either change it into a hobby or a commercial enterprise. Here are some helpful steps. Incorporate oil with sodium hydroxide, commonly called as lye, to create a chemical reaction that may produce the soap. In fact, it could entail additional particulars. In producing soap, any chemical reaction is engaged. It is referred to as saponification.

By means of saponification, acid responds together with soap base and varieties salt. It is the olive oil in which acts as the acid while the lye is the base. The reaction from your acid and lye may produce salt and will at some point result to your very own soap product or service. To facilitate and make coconut oil soap effectively, it is necessary to use the correct lye amount. Include a proper quantity of lye to choose the healthy oil for you to natural soap and make an excellent soap bar. In order to make necessary oil soap, verify the lye quantity required in cleaning soap making. To make sure of that, check with the SAP value kitchen table or chart that helps decide the saponification rate regarding olive oil. If you will look on the chart, you will find out this oil has a lye SAP value of 135. 3, hence it usually takes 135. a few milligrams lye to completely saponify oil of 1000 mg.

In point of fact, there is no need to entirely saponify the oil if you is likely to make soap. Or else, it will not make a mild soap bar. To make a gentle cleansing soap club, it is best to appropriately reduce the lye amount so as to maintain unsaponified oil for the benefit of skin. Olive oil recommends 15%. To be able to profitably make olive detergent, you can also use other skin oils too as these can help inside creating your soaps efficiently. That is because oil contains several elements that boost the optimistic effect of other ingredients inside the soap which can be very functional in terms of offering the product to help customers.

The Things You Need to Know About Child-Rearing Programs

Like a mom or dad will likely be the toughest job likely to ever get. However , it might be a very rewarding experience also. Parenting would be extremely difficult at times and the stress that you’re going to feel could literally take in you. Enrolling in parenting plans is a wonderful idea; these can assist you learn about outstanding tactics to be able to overcome the anxiety in which arises from several of the biggest worries you’ll face in your life.

The most desirable facets of going to child-rearing programmes is receiving the help of other dads as well as moms who’re undergoing the exact same challenges. The awareness that you simply aren’t on your own in battling the many parenting concerns which you have will be enough to lessen the duty. Dads and moms usually need to remember that they’re certainly not in isolation and that cases which are foreign to them are already sorted out by additional parents.

Here is an extremely considerable inquiry: do your セノッピー troubles arise from encountering your expenses? Fathers and also mothers who hold multiple full-time job or are handling being dismissed could from time to time discover that looking after their little ones seems to be the most difficult concern that they have. How can you explain to your personal offspring that money (or the lack of it) is the largest reason why you can’t concentrate on these people like you ought to? There are being a parent workshops that delve into this sort of strain, and it is good for you to attend them.

An additional child-rearing is actually the difficulty of mums along with dads in getting their young children to possess the exact same viewpoint they do regarding a lot of things. Toy may have been having a hard time making your own boys and girls do their groundwork every single day, or maybe you’re confronting complications between brothers and sisters who have put you at your breaking level. You’ll come across answers to those troubles by simply doing your analysis and also checking out a couple of on-line or traditional parenting lessons. These classes will help you control instances such as these in addition to give you several ways to fix them.

When you are a mummy or dad, you’ll be aware that learning the ways to face standard, everyday strain is the genuine secret to becoming peaceful and focused entirely on managing the particular parenting complications that you will have routinely. No family unit will be exempt from these kinds of complications, with zero family is certainly without it is share of tension and constraints. Aside from child-rearing classes, child-rearing support groups will be incredibly helpful and will provide you the counsel you require in hard times.

No issue is too large or also small when it comes to kids. For the majority of mums and dads, a certain concern that they have might seem simple to other dads in addition to mums who’ve previously get over it. You ought to check with these kinds of moms and dads and question these individuals about how you can resolve your current child-rearing problems, especially those who involve baby, adolescent or perhaps toddler parenting. The methods this other mums and men have used might be applicable inside your predicament.

Where to Look For Gluten Free Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants

For that average person, finding out that he provides food allergies or celiac disease automatically means several major changes in the way they will eat. While this is necessary, you’ve kept a pretty large variety of different food items that you can elect to use. An advanced comida vegetariana em Pirenopolis or a vegan and possess to now incorporate these kinds of changes, it is a pretty significant readjustment. The lifestyles as well as eating choices of vegans and also vegetarians are already healthy yet somewhat restrictive, and to put more restrictions to this ensures that you must do some careful adjusting to get the nutrition and unhealthy calories that you need.

When it comes to preparing your own personal meals, there can be many vices and challenges that you will have to be able to overcome to create some great dishes and tasty, nutritious do. What about when you want to go out along with eat, especially if you are going out there with others, what are the options with these dietary restrictions? Have you any idea where to look to find the gluten free vegan and veggie restaurants? You can always be articles to nibble on some nuts in addition to berries, or perhaps a careful choice of raw veggies could be bought, but most people want and need a thing that is a little more substantial than this specific. If you look to the Asiatische restaurants, you are sure to find ideal listings of meal things that will fit your vegetarian, gluten free diet.

If you occur to decide on a Thai or Japoneses restaurant you will be able to buy rice noodles or appreciate some brown rice together with veggies. If tamari marinade is used at the restaurant this will likely increase your choices to making options from some of the dishes that will also have sauce added. It will probably be impossible to find totally gluten free vegan and vegan restaurants that do not also provide many other acceptable types of food. You can even check out some of the Asian restaurants, but don’t navigate to the chains though, you need to get the Mexican restaurants that can give you real corn tortillas and you will fill these with greens for a filling meal that may be good for you too.

Growing Cucumbers and Some Delicious Varieties

Cucumbers are part of the gourd loved ones. The cucumber is a sneaking vine originally from The indian subcontinent but is now grown on almost all continents. Here is a short guidebook on how to grow them and several delicious varieties. Cucumbers are usually relatively easy to grow outside inside the garden, although they do have a tendency to produce quite thick dermal when grown outside. I favor to grow cucumbers them in a cold varieties of greenhouse. Cucumber seeds like a hot atmosphere in order to germinate efficiently so it is worth placing them over a wet piece of cloth or maybe kitchen towel for a few days prior to deciding to sow them.

Indoors, cucumbers can be grown in containers or grow bags. They could be grown up supports or kept to their own devices for you to trail around the greenhouse. Seed can be sown in 04 in a propagator or straight to compost in May as well as early June. Seeds must be planted at least 45cm separate. When the seeds have germinated, transplant seedlings into greater pots. Once your vegetable has developed about six results in, pinch out the growing idea to help the plant bush out there and feed regularly. Cucumber plants are either man or woman. Although female plants carry out sometimes produce male blooms. On indoor plants these kinds of should be pinched out since they appear.

Cucumbers need to be on a regular basis watered and fed using a liquid fertiliser. To get the best flavor it is best to harvest cucumbers if they are young. If you let the fruit mature fully and start the plant, this will stop its heyday. Cucumber ‘Passandra’ is an just about all female indoor cucumber in addition to highly recommended as a heavy cropper. It produces lots of mid-sized slightly ribbed, cylindrical as well as dark green fruits regarding 15-18cm long. ‘Burpless Appetizing Green’ is both an easy task to grow and (as thier name suggests) easy on the tummy! It is a very prolific selection, producing tender-skinned, crisp and also tasty cucumbers with no resentment. This variety is also resistance against mildew and high summer season temperatures. It grows to help about 6ft in height. Cucumber ‘Euphya’ is another prolific, all-female variety, with good condition resistance. It produces very long straight cucumbers with a delightful taste. It is a more robust variety that will tolerate much cooler conditions and can even be cultivated outside as long as it is put in a sunny, sheltered placement. Cucumber ‘Ilas’ is a little variety that is just stunning for those who maybe want to increase cucumbers but don’t the lot of them. It is a large cropper producing crunchy minuscule cucumbers. It also has large mildew resistance.

Choosing a Sewing Cabinet – Things to Consider

Picking a cabinet that is right for your current sewing needs and your residence will depend on a few simple issues. We’ll be taking a look at it is positioning, why you might pick a cabinet and what these types of cabinetry contain. The information provided in this article will help you to confidently go out and have the sort of cabinet that may be right for you, your sewing requires and your home. It will count greatly on where you carry out your sewing as to what type of cabinet to get. If, as an example, you sew in a specific room dedicated to sewing then you can definitely quite happily get an wide open sewing workstation that doesn’t help to make any effort at hiding its purpose.

Should you make use of part of your main living space for you to sew in, like a existing or dining room, then you might love to look for a cabinet that can be become a useful piece of furniture when not used. These types of sewing workstations supply sufficient space so that you can are packed everything away neatly and therefore are really multi-purpose. If you need a stitching workstation to be moveable, and then there are cabinets available with castor type wheels to easily enable that flexibility.

One of the most crucial reasons for choosing the best sewing cabinet is that you simply can keep all of your essential regular sewing items together in a well-organized fashion. All of the sharp such things as needles, scissors and pin codes can be hidden away from tiny fingers if there are kids in the house. Needless to say a heavy sewing machine needs a fine base so a strong cabinet made for the job is superior. Having your sewing items effortlessly at hand will make your life much simpler, rather than having to hunt stuff down in boxes along with bags.

Most cabinets provides a good workspace on the top. You will have an area for the machine to help sit either on the top or perhaps recessed inside. There should be storage to store and organize small items like thread, bobbins in addition to scissors. Often these cases have special thread saving areas that keep knots at bay. The front of the cabinet should open so that you have excellent leg and knee entry as well as an area for the ft . pedal. Those are the major areas that you’ll need to take into account before you make your final decision finding a sewing cabinet. Pay attention to the items that are important to you and your bathing room hobby will be even more pleasurable.

Corporate Event Organizers For Planning Events Abroad

Today entertainers who are high in requirement have very busy work schedules, are difficult to contact and may even not always be willing to handle people they don’t know. Additionally, companies that book artists for corporate events recognize when and how to bargain for top prices. In such a scenario, a person might hardly get the services of the most effective talent in the entertainment sector without the help of clandestinenola corporate function organizers.

Huge amount of time along with money can be saved simply by these corporate event planners on entertainment. People with no connections in the entertainment marketplace naturally find it extremely challenging and time consuming to get on speaking terms with busy musicians and comedians. To add to this, the best functions do not list themselves from the Yellow Pages. People hardly learn whom to call in in an attempt to get hold of those elite artists. More importantly, the artists in addition to performers have to know who is contacting them, or they would never ever take their calls critically. Even worse, they might try to demand exorbitant fees for their providers. This is where corporate event coordinators play an active role.

Making sure the event guarantees a lot of fun and also is always geared towards the guests and the desired theme of the case. Suggesting celebrity entertainment that may be appropriate for your guests and your corporate and business personality. A great benefit of making use of seasoned corporate event managers is that they are well versed inside ability to read audiences. Making use of experience gathered over a stable period of time, they can easily find out crowds in order to give them whatever they want. Doing this allows those to provide just the right entertainment, the right theme, and activities that will everyone will enjoy.

Interestingly selecting corporate event organizers, a number of whom might also have knowledge in organizing events in another country, for your corporate party organizing needs, outdoor festivals, or perhaps fairs, can also bring in increased profits. Since they have contacts to top-notch artists and will negotiate well, it helps to advertise an event in advance to build impetus and encourage early solution sales, increasing demand which usually, in turn, increases publicity. Income are a natural outcome of this specific build-up.

Theme Party Decorations

Style party decorations are very important to ensure that guests are knowledgeable about the message of the day. Designs work by carrying a specific message which is usually not composed but seen through home decor of a particular party. Interior décor bring out the color and regarding a particular party location. There are numerous types of parties where you will get the party decorations and they add the following. Theme birthday celebrations, Christmas parties, graduation functions, pool parties, bachelors get-togethers, bachelorette parties, bachelors events, school parties, retirement celebrations, corporate parties and the record goes on. The decorations usually are put in lace in advance to make certain that the venue is all set and prepared to host a certain party.

Theme party interior lolasdesignloft in various categories and so they include the following. Background supplies, balloons, banners and appliques, gossamer, hanging decorations, backyard decorations, theme kits, wall structure decorations and many others. Background substance brings out a reality that improves the venue giving it that crucial element of decoration and there are many backgrounds you can have and they have the following. Wood grain designed corrugated flat paper, curly curtain, glimmering mesh cloth, dessert evening mural, smooth paper and many more. When it comes to balloons, there are all kinds and the next include Western themed bash decorations.

The first kind of balloons for theme party style are fiesta balloons. These are characterized by bright color and in addition they come in various colors like environmentally friendly, blue and red. Other kinds are dancing shoes or boots mylar balloons which come inside cowboy shape and are published on both sides. Cowhide balloons are also another kind of balloon that will make for a fun party. The opposite balloons are longhorn Mylar, cactus molar, cow balloons, brown horse Mylar, soup pepper balloon, circle Mylar and gold circle Mylar balloons. With all these selections, you will find a suitable balloon to be able to deco orate your gathering. The other category of decorations will be banners and murals. They will differ from theme to motif and some examples are older west mural and individualized memories murals for a american theme.

Gossamer decorations put special touches and they are perfect for western theme party design. Hanging decorations add added dimensions and examples tend to be cow pinata horse pinata, crepe streamers, gossamer decorations and many more. Theme kit adornment create a lo fun in different party. Therefore , decorations may add a lot and you can hunt for various decorations on the internet you want to get to see others. You should keep in mind that there are very many topics you can do and that each concept will have specific decorations. For instance , the above decorations are to get a western theme. Other subjects that you will find or come across are usually pirate, stars, fifties, semáforo, Hollywood luau and the collection goes on. Have fun with various style decorations and do not forget you can come up with suitable decorations to your party. This is because there is no constraint to the fabulous and fantastic things you can do with decorations. Allow already existing ones interest your imagination.

Reasons To Rent A Bounce House For Your Child’s Birthday This Winter

Is actually official. Inflatable party leases have taken the world by thunderstorm. Okay, that’s nothing fresh. Actually, bounce house rental fees (space walks as they have been first known as) have been used since the 1970s. As with almost everything, technology in the inflatable market has continued to grow and also change since that time. Now, blow up party rentals come in a large variety of sizes. At a trade show just lately, I actually saw an my inflatable zip line. So , with all the current success the industry has noticed, it has often seemed illegal that the only children that will get to use them for their anniversaries are children whose 1st birthdays fall in the summer months. Listed here are few reasons you should hire a bounce house for your children this winter.

Because winter will be the off-season for our industry, businesses will offer winter discounts. It could be well worth your while to be able to rent a bounce property during the winter months and benefit from one of the great discounts that could be available. Of course , even if you may see discounts listed online, calling and asking the business will result in some sort of a deal. After all, the majority of party rental online businesses are small businesses that are willing to carry out whatever they can to keep clients happy.

As an avid promoter of arizona water slide rental just about all year-round, even I have to agree with the fact that in most parts of the country, is actually currently too cold to savor a water slide rental. Still did you know that most party local rental companies rent inflatable dry out slides as well? Like their particular summer companions, these dried up slides offer guests to be able to have a blast sliding all night. However , unlike water 35mm slides, dry slides allow your young children to have fun without very in the water! It doesn’t matter what time it is, children love moving for hours. Jumping burns unhealthy calories that actually helps keep your children hot. Because the bounce houses are usually inflated with blowers, the particular vinyl can get cold. Insurance agencies the children wear an extra couple of socks, your children should have no difficulty staying warm for hours at a time.

Children with winter anniversaries are tired of getting scammed, especially if their birthday will be near Christmas. It’s often told me children with birthdays surrounding this time of year receive fewer items, either for their birthday or perhaps for Christmas, because of the year or so. Renting a bounce household is a great way to show your little ones how special they are. As it gets so cold outside the house during the winter, they often acquire less exercise during the winter time than they do during the summer season. Renting an inflatable rebound house for their birthday is a good way for them to get the workout they need while having a great time. They don’t even know they’re doing exercises.

Renting Bounce Houses for Your Child’s Birthday Party

Acquiring a bounce house rental to your child’s party is a great thought. Not only does it give the little ones a fun and exiting exercise to do during the party, just about all gives the hosts and parents some slack from running around after the young children. Getting a bounce house local rental for your child’s party is a superb way to celebrate. How many periods have you seen parents seen after their children at a wedding or children’s event? Generally! The little ones are usually leaving to be around other little ones, their friends and family. Add in the particular sugar rushes of pastry, cotton candy, snow cones and other party sweets as well as the kids are sure to be a smattering.

Bounce house rentals wonderful ways for the partygoers to produce that energy in their very own space where parents can easily relax and watch their young children enjoy the festivities, bounce house rentals cincinnati today offer different sizes, colors and also fun shaped bouncers to match every party theme. These kinds of eye-catching moonwalks never neglect to attract the young ones. Green princess bouncers, birthday cake moonwalks, magical wizard castles and colorful castles together with slides are just a few styled jumpers you can choose from. Many fun inflatables are rented also. Boxing ring bouncers, jousting arenas, basketball hoops and others sports related items can be brought to your party to captivate children and adults. Knowing which design of unit is the first step to be able to renting one.

If you are not absolutely clear on a theme that you will be having for that party then the best particular person to ask would be the birthday girl or boy. He or she would be able to tell you just what type of party they want and prepare the guesswork a lot easier. When there will be no specific style for the party then you can hire a general bounce house. As an example a primary colored castle could be ideal. These types of “general” bouncers can fit into any bash without clashing with interior decor.

Sending out invitations in advance is a wonderful way to get children pumped up about attending a bounce residence party. Also, if you talk about that you will have a giant inflatable milestone in your front yard, the gathering guests will never wonder which usually house the party will probably be located. Not only will the friends be exited when they get there but everyone passing because of your house will also wonder exactly why they were not invited into a fun party like the one you have.

Types of Bounce Houses

Children are truly enchanted just by the sight of these jump houses wherever the location might be and even on different events such as birthday parties, graduating parties or even regular re-union celebrations. These bounce homes are really a must most especially once you learn that there will be kids spending some time with you in a particular occasion.

The great thing about these inflatable properties is that they come in varieties which differ in colors, size and shapes. As a matter of fact, the themes and styles also vary depending on the event that they will be used for. This is the real reason why a lot of people find it very difficult to choose the right type of inflatable home for a particular occasion. Because of this reality, this article will inform you on the various kinds of bounce houses that are available it means that you not only gain knowledge, however, you will also have an easier amount of time in choosing the right type for the function that you will be hosting.

The first kind of bounce house rentals is known as the actual castle houses and they will in no way fail to fascinate all the children that will be attending your celebration, most especially if they are really large in a sense that they will be able to get the interest of everyone. The good thing about these fortress themes of inflatable is they already look like genuine castles, thanks to the innovation associated with technology and the materials which are used for them. Even though they will definitely fit into whatever theme you prefer, they will actually be perfect especially if your theme has a middle ages design to it.

Bounce residences made to look like burgers will also be something that kids today tend to be truly fascinated about because these types of food are the actual really like. The good thing about this kind of portable is that they do not only the actual creativity and imagination of youngsters work, but they will also support excellently all the kids who would like to enjoy because they are normally massive. Aside from the fact that they are large, these inflatable houses normally have a lot of entrances in them as well as give you the freedom to choose sizes. With this particular theme for an water, it cannot be denied that they can be perfect for family gatherings which have a more casual feel and atmosphere.

On the other hand, when you are trying to find the best type among the different rebound houses available for a birthday celebration, the most popular choice would have to become those designed to look like birthday celebration cakes. This is the perfect option if you want the kids to be truly entertained while still providing emphasis to the birthday becoming celebrated at the moment. The good thing about this kind of inflatable house is that it offers great varieties that you will be able to rent one that includes a slide depending on its dimension.

How to Find Elegant and Affordable Party Rentals For Your Event

Whether it be a backyard wedding celebration, wedding, corporate event, graduation service or academy awards, gathering rentals can provide you everything you need as well as anywhere you want. You will get many methods from party rentals right from outdoor tents tops to tabletops or even linens. Whether it is large or perhaps small event, party leases can help to make it a big accomplishment. At party rentals, they will consider your party as their enthusiasm. Party supplies are the backside bone of every event. Minus the party supplies, it just would not be a party.

Some celebration supplies are available for purchase, sometimes large and reusable products such as tables and ergonomic chairs in bulk are only available for lease. Planning a party is certainly certainly not complete without factoring in this category or rentals into the price range. Make sure that you consult a party rentals Cincinnati before going to plan virtually any large scale event. Search for trained party planner who can choose your event a big success, also down to the finest budgetary particulars as well as the seating arrangement.

Local rental stores offer you several methods of table rentals, chair rental fees, linen rentals, china along with flatware. From canopy camping tents to grills to buffet and bar equipment, leasing stores have everything you have to pick for that special event. Rentals can take parties for any number of friends and, as a customer-driven company; Party Rentals wants to go over your expectations for excellent product quality and amazing service. Before renting one of the tablecloths, china (including battery charger plates and plate covers), silverware, glassware, tables, recliners, concession equipment, dance floor, in addition to catering equipment, consult typically the showroom once to ensure that each of the equipment is in good condition.

Searching online is a good way to get started when selecting items and colors for your function. But , some people are more graphic and prefer to see items face-to-face. For this, you can visit the local rental showroom. Whether you are setting up often the sample table for your marriage or have a large committee that should make decisions as a whole, event rentals and the staff above there help you to make your concluding decision. When choosing an event company, ensure you pick the industry leaders who also work to keep you centered on your guests and event : all while knowing that the designing, staging and delivery will be handled by a team regarding courteous professionals with a give attention to style, functionality and convenience.

Tips Avoid Getting Bacterial Vaginosis

VAGINOSIS or bacterial vaginosis is the most popular vaginal infection that influences many women of childbearing time. Any infection involving the penile organ brings discomfort along with affects a person’s sexual existence. When the natural balance of excellent and bad bacteria from the vaginal area is annoyed, bacterial vaginosis may occur. Despite the fact that this infection is very widespread, there are things that you can do to avoid obtaining bacterial vaginosis.

Some women using BV do not have symptoms however symptoms do occur, the most frequent one is the presence of vaginal relieve with unpleasant odor. Several compared the odor in the discharge as fish-like scent. Sufferer may also experience irritation around the vaginal area in addition to burning sensation especially while urinating. No one wishes to suffer from fantastic discomfort brought by BV. Ladies should avoid getting bacterial vaginitis to spare themselves coming from its disturbing symptoms. The following advice can be very helpful to prevent BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS INFECTION.

Avoid disturbing the a result of bacterial balance to avoid having Keep the vaginal spot clean but avoid the usage of scented products that could be irritants or could raise red flags to the vaginal natural botánica. Irritants may include scented genital hygiene products like womanly wash, pads, vaginal deodorization  deodorizer, sprays and scented bathroom paper or tissue. Enable air circulation in the vaginal place to prevent sweating. Cotton undergarments and loose pants as well as skirts are ideal to stop sweating.

Practice safe sexual and limit the number of your current sex partners to avoid acquiring bacterial vaginosis. It is best to have a monogamous sex life or have only one love-making partner to lower your probability of getting BV. Women having multiple sex partners may get the infection. Practice risk-free sex to protect yourself. Using condom should be a common training every time you will have sexual exposure to your partner.

Avoid douching in order to avoid getting bacterial vaginosis. The microorganisms in the vaginal area has to be balance to avoid infections. The particular natural flora or the all-natural balance of organisms moving into the vagina and the healthy acidity of the vagina may be damaged by douching. Virtually any change or disturbance inside natural balance of creatures in the vaginal area will make women more at risk of attacks. Douching can harm the microbes that protect the sexual organ from infections, so douching must be avoided to keep homeostasis. Most women douche regularly to clean up the vagina without knowing that can cause infections. The pussy has the natural ability to clear itself, douching must be completed only if your doctor advised one to do so. Cleaning the outside of the particular vagina with mild oral soap and warm water must be enough.

There are women who are usually unaware that they already have BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS because of the lack of symptoms. Medical doctors can detect the presence of VAGINOSIS through vaginal examination and also testing of vaginal smooth. If you are diagnosed with BV, adhere to your doctor’s advice along with take the full course of remedies prescribed. For women with signs, it is important to take all the treatments even if the symptoms go away. Should you be suffering from recurring BV in addition to keeps getting the infection, inform your doctor. If you have tried all the things and still having recurring associated with BV, natural treatment is alternative to stop the infection and avoid receiving bacterial vaginosis over and over again. To know more go to Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom